White Sage

White Sage

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Not your typical variety of kitchen sage, this herb is not for consumption but rather for burning to cleanse energy. We source our White Sage from an ethical supplier that is not harming the environment or diminishing the significant importance of this sacred herb to the North American Indigenous peoples. Sold in 40-gram bags.

We offer many other herbs to use for your smoke cleansing as well.

Burning White Sage can be beneficial in many ways:

-Cleanses energy of negativity or heaviness with in a home, of a person, or an object

-Calms energy in a space or of a person

-Kills up to 97% of bacteria and germs

-Cleans the air

-Can be used in spiritual practices/ceremonies/rituals

While it is encouraged that you to source and harvest herbs and other magical plants for yourself, understandably you may not have access to certain plants. This is why we offer a small variety of commonly used plants/herbs/trees/resins to get you started. All our herbs/resins are sourced either from our own garden, local organic gardens, or from reputable distributers.

NOTE: These herbs/resins/plant medicines are NOT meant to be ingested. They are for burning, creating spell bottles, mojo bags, and other ritual use ONLY.