Litha/Summer Solstice Sabbat Subscription Box

Litha/Summer Solstice Sabbat Subscription Box

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We want to honour each of the 8 Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year with specially curated and hand crafted subscription boxes. Our boxes are made with love, intention, and magic by a Pagan for Pagans. Whether you are new to the craft or an experienced practitioner, the tools provided can be used by anyone.

To celebrate Litha otherwise called Summer Solstice, or Midsummer, we have put together a very special box indeed!

This Sabbat Box Includes:

A bag of our hand crafted Litha ritual herb blend of Marigold, Bee Balm, and Cedar.

A bag of Litha Ritual/Bath Salts scented with orange and clove essential oils.

3 crystals: Red Tiger's Eye, Epidote, & Citrine (All of which are cleansed & charged in our singing bowl before being boxed up, and we included little write ups for each crystal meaning.)

A hand crafted 2oz soy candle made with a blend of Palo Santo & Rose essential oils, dusted with dried Heather and Chamomile.

A card with a little history and traditions about Litha/Summer Solstice.

And finally a protection spell jar kit complete with instructions and everything you need to make it yourself with your own beautiful, magical, intention!

Blessed Be