Welcome to my magical neck of the woods, where nature inspires me to create products to support you on your spiritual journey. I started my spiritual journey back in 2014 when I experienced my own awakening. It was like seeing the world with fresh new eyes. I began learning how to connect to my own intuition on a deeper level. I started by re-connecting with the wonderful world of crystals which then lead me to Reiki and energy work. I practiced meditation, and became a guided meditation leader. From there I focused on opening up myself as a channel to share messages, guidance, and healing to others from the Spirit world during readings.

In the last few years I've embraced my Pagan beliefs and followed along my path learning about the moon, astrology, numerology, herbs, essential oils, and ritual work. My goal is to make Spiritual/Pagan/Wiccan products that are accessible to everyone. Each of my creations is made with love and intention to help others on their journey. I hope to leave little "imprints" of positive vibes and wisdom for others to enjoy and embrace.

I am a Spiritual Artist, Intuitive Guide, Teacher, Healer, Practicing Witch, and Nature Lover. I welcome you to explore all that my business, Spiritual Imprints, has to offer, and hope that you find something that speaks to you. Many thanks for stopping by & to all of those who support local small businesses like myself!

With Love & Blessings,

Susan Webber